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About us

SolarTalents is a leading provider of technical, professional and industrial staffing services. We have the knowledge and skills to deliver the perfect fit between a candidate and an employer.

SolarTalents provides high quality staffing services to ensure you receive the right employee the first time. We start by understanding the attributes that your ideal candidate should possess and then identify, screen and select the right person.



SolarTalents strongly believes in delivering quality. We have put in place robust processes to ensure quality with consistency in every assignment that we undertake. We exist as an organization to offer the right People Solutions at the right time and enable our clients to do better business every day. We build enduring relationships with our clients and candidates in a spirit of partnership and continuously seek insights through our work to deliver value. This approach empowers your people and enables your company to meet and exceed your business goals.

Talent Acquisition

Recruiting is in our DNA. We realize the instrumental role great recruiting plays in business success.

With this passion for helping people find jobs and corporations find talent, SolarTalents always looks for a better way to connect talent with companies.

Once we source profiles, we do our internal assessment by putting people through an interview process with real interviewers.

Only when they pass the criteria of the job profile that a company is looking for, their profile is sent to the actual hiring organization.


We are provide services for talent acquisition:-

  • Placement and Search
  • Background Checks and Reference Checks
  • Head Hunting
  • Research and Sourcing
  • Pre-Screening
  • Candidate Review
  • Offer and Negotiation
  • Post Hire Follow up

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We undertake recruitment process outsourcing where you can outsource or transfer all or part of your recruitment activities to us.

We can manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on boarding of the new hire, including staff, technology and reporting for your company.

Companies don’t have to worry about costs and government compliance yet at the same time improving the quality of the candidate pool and providing you with verifiable metrics.


RPO Services

  • End to End coverage of Recruitment Process
  • Managing Specialized Projects
  • Audio and Video interviewing Platform

HR and Business Consulting

Strategic human capital development is an HR consultant's strength. Hiring us gives small- business owners the ability to leave HR functions in capable hands while they dedicate their time and focus to overall business development.

Many companies don't have room in their budget for a human resources employee, but still need the services such a professional would provide. Due of this, some companies hire HR professionals on a consulting basis.

This often benefits all involved, as the employees receive the appropriate guidance, business owners are able to have HR expertise available without the cost associated with a full-time staffer and a HR professional is able to undertake a flexible career that caters to her background


Services we offer :-

  • Organization Design
  • Organization Structure
  • Performance Management Systems
  • New Employee Induction and Training
  • Staff Policy and Authority Manual
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Employee Assistance and Counselling
  • Career Planning and Succession

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